Mattress Gallery's roots go back over 100 years when my great grandfather opened a furniture store in La Junta, Colorado in 1897.  The first mattresses sold in the store did not include foundations and were generally made with packed cotton and horse hair.  The innerspring was introduced into the store in the 1920's. King size beds were introduced in the 1950's and the first foundations for King mattresses were one piece!  Within 30 days the mattress manufacturers split the foundation into 2 pieces because all across the country the box spring would not fit into peoples homes.

My family's furniture store was the largest retailer of mattresses in the Rocky Mountain region.  In 1980, the decision was made to close the stores to concentrate on selling a new concept to other furniture retailers--a computer system designed especially for furniture stores. Yes, just 30 years ago, a computer was a new and novell concept for small businesses.

The technology has changed alot since then ( both in computer systems and mattresses. )  I invite you to stop by our store and see the latest in sleep systems that utilize today's technology to give you great support at the comfort that is right for you. I can even show you how I use an ipad as my cash register.